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Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost (Remix)

Wintersleep‘s Weighty Ghost (Radio Mix) was a free download from iTunes last week. It has a very “wait… he changed on 7?” rhythm to it, which I really like, so I tabbed it out.

Okkervil River – Unless It’s Kicks Chords

Unless It’s Kicks

I occasionally write up guitar tabs for songs that I can’t find on the net. Here are the chords for Okkervil River’s “Unless It’s Kicks” from album of the year contender, The Stage Names.

These Days

Tabs are funny. The one I did for Ron Sexsmith’s “These Days” has been resubmitted to a lot of different sites; I don’t even remember which was the original. It’s also been stolen a lot. I’ve come across a number of “versions” that are just mine, either simply without my name, or with someone else’s tacked on. The former I don’t mind since it’s not exactly my intellectual property, rather my assessment of how to mimic someone else’s intellectual property, but taking credit for something you didn’t have anything to do with is a bit rude.

Someone emailed me about that tab once. He called me “friend”, thanked me profusely, and asked if I had any other of his songs done.

Clever Meals

Another stolen tab was “Clever Meals” from Tegan and Sara’s Under Feet Like Ours record. I can’t even find it anymore, but I made it back in 2000 when there were only about four Tegan and Sara websites and it was easy to track who was taking it as their own. It wasn’t a very good tab through – I did it for piano and I wasn’t/am not the world’s greatest pianist, but it worked and got me a few cute lesbian thank you emails.


By far, the best thing to come out of tabbing was through The Snitches’ “Swallow”. They’re one of my favourite Montreal bands, but not exactly the best known group in the world – I was never even sure if anyone had seen it. Then, about a year after I’d tabbed it out, I get an email from Mike Webber, frontman of The Snitches:

Hey Mathew,
That’s way cool that you charted out my song. I’ll zap you over the lyrics in case you want to update them – I don’t care but here they are anyway. You got ‘em surprisingly close!
How did you first hear about our band & where are you located?
The other thing is when you go from the E to the A throw in a quick D and same when going back from the A to the E. The D would be, for example, between “worry & I getting better…” in the first couple of lines, then again going back between Hurry & I learn. It fills out the melody.
I played it in F# but in fact it works better the way you do it!

The rest of the email consisted on the proper lyrics for the song (he was generous, I was in no way “close”). Awesome. This tab’s also been stolen a few times, but it’s mainly been attributed to Bush’s song called Swallowed, which it very much isn’t, so I’m ok with that.