Elo Calculator for Backgammon Clubs: WordPress Plugin

This is a very basic WordPress Plugin that I’ve made for the Vancouver Backgammon Club. It creates an Admin panel to store players, game results, and calculate their Elo rating.

I’ve used the algorithm outlined by Kevin Bastian to calculate the Elo, which is the same one used by FIBS. You can check results against this online calculator.

Please note: this plugin is still in beta and is distributed without guarantees. It will create two database tables, “[PREFIX]_elo” and “[PREFIX]_elomatches.”

To install, unzip the “Elo” directory and move it to your “wp-content/plugins” folder, then activate it from your Admin panel.

Download latest version: elo0.2b.zip (August 6th, 2012).

0.2b updates:

  • Added last match info
  • Added the ability to undo the last match and restore Elo/experience

Some notes:

  • New players start at 1500.
  • Experience is game length, regardless of score. If you win a 7-point match by 10-2, you still gain 7 experience points.
  • Before you hit 400 experience, you are using the “ramp” and resulting changes to your Elo is much higher. This is to help new players reach an accurate rating as soon as possible.
  • The score of the game does not matter. You get the same Elo change whether you win by 1 point, or 10 points.
  • Please contact me at matthew@grumandd.com if you have any questions or feedback.